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Dealing With Divorce

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Hi there, I'm Jenn

I am a Christian woman, wife and mother of five children. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to keep your faith and have hope for the future while dealing with divorce. At one time, I was a single mom with three young children. It's difficult to continue raising your children, keep it together, maintain your self-confidence and find happiness in your life. It IS possible! I help anyone dealing with divorce. I can offer hope, healing, and happiness no matter what your circumstances are.

I can help you find Joy in Your Journey!

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Talk to someone who gets you?

Like you, I’ve been through divorce. I’ve navigated the difficult route you’re now traveling on. I work with Faith Filled men and women maneuvering the challenges of life while dealing with divorce in any stage… I fully relate to your desire to remain faithful to God and fulfill His plan for your life when YOUR plans have failed! I’ve got you!

Check out my Joy In The Journey Podcast




Created for Faith Filled Women and Men dealing with Divorce as your personal resource to renew, balance, and strengthen your mind, bringing peace to all areas of your life.

​You will hear directly from Jenn Zingmark, Christian Wife, Mother and Certified Life Coach as she shares life coaching tools and concepts through a spiritual lens. You'll hear Success Stories of men and women who belong to the Divorce Club who have now Happily Remarried. 

Easily apply this podcast's wisdom to your own life and learn how to harness the Power of Your Mind in order to feel better and have interior peace, no matter what life holds.

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